The Challenge

To achieve their rapid growth plans, Aloha needed to source talent that aligned with the cultural nuances of their team, in addition to having the niche skillsets required to build out their core business functionality.

Previous recruiters had not managed to yield any positive results, often presenting challenges rather than potential opportunities or ideas, whilst also proposing tried and tested methods that were not scalable.

The Solution

The team at MCG Talent were proactive in contacting us and focussed on finding solutions to fit our brief, rather than confirming challenges we were already aware of. Working with MCG feels like a partnership; they are quick to respond, open to suggestions and transparent about developments throughout the process. We already have 2 hires onboarded and another offer in the pipeline. After trying close to 10 recruiters, I can confidently say MCG rank among the top performers.”

- Ivan Leung, General Manager, Aloha Group

The Outcome

In just under 5 months with over 20 candidates sourced, we were successful where others failed. Finding not only the specific skillsets required but candidates who gelled with Alohas company culture which is a key objective in their talent acquisition strategy.

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