AI is shaking things up in a big way across workplaces in Asia-Pacific. From making operations more efficient to boosting how much workers can get done, AI is pushing both employers and employees to adapt to a workforce that's more dynamic and collaborative than ever before. Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently commissioned a global research firm, Access Partnership, to conduct a survey of almost 15,000 employees and 5,000 employers across the Asia-Pacific region. According to the survey, most Asia-Pacific employers reckon they'll be using AI solutions and tools by 2028. (It could happen faster!) 


AI Skills = Higher Pay Cheques 

Having AI skills is looking like a major payoff for workers. The study found employers are willing to pay IT staff with AI know-how a whopping 44% more on average across nine Asia-Pacific countries. But it's not just techies - employers are dangling higher salaries for AI-savvy workers in areas like research, sales, marketing, operations, finance, legal and HR. 


Want a Career Boost? Learn AI 

With the potential AI has, it's no surprise that four out of five Asia-Pacific workers want to get upskilled in AI to fast-track their careers. This want for AI skills spans generations - significant numbers of Gen Z, millennials, Gen X and even baby boomers are keen as mustard to learn AI. Overall, 93% of workers reckon having AI skills will mean good things for their careers like higher productivity, more job satisfaction and swifter promotions. 


The Productivity Payoff 

When workers start using AI tools, a serious productivity bump is on the cards for Asia-Pacific organisations. Employers expect a 51% spike as AI automates repetitive tasks, streamlines workflows and improves outcomes. Workers agree, thinking AI could crank up their productivity levels by as much as 50%. 


Generative AI is The Future 

Generative AI, which can whip up new content and ideas at rapid speed, is set to transform how we work. A staggering 93% of Asia-Pacific employers and 90% of workers anticipate using generative AI tools on the job within five years. Better innovation, less manual tasks, smarter outcomes and faster learning are the top benefits employers see. 


Plugging the AI Skills Gap 

While the potential of AI is massive, the study uncovered a significant skills shortage in Asia-Pacific. A whopping 79% of employers are prioritising hiring AI talent, but 75% are really struggling to find the AI brainboxes they need. There's also a training awareness gap - 79% of employers are clueless about implementing AI workforce training. At the same time, workers lack know-how on what training is available and which career paths need AI skills. 


Readying the Workforce for AI 

To make the most of AI and keep Asia-Pacific prospering, governments, industries and educators need to team up. Programs like AWS's 'AI Ready' offering free courses in AI and generative AI are paving the way to upskill workers. By giving employees, the right AI skills and steering them into fitting roles, the Asia-Pacific region can unleash the full potential of AI and cultivate a culture of innovation and higher productivity.  


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