Chances are you've come across the term Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – it's becoming a common topic in workplaces and on platforms like LinkedIn. But EVP isn't just another trend; it's a crucial factor that shapes how potential employees see and engage with your organisation – and you must get it right.

So, what exactly is EVP, and why does it matter so much?

EVP encompasses the unique blend of benefits, opportunities, culture, and overall experience that an organisation offers to its employees. It's the promise a company makes to its workforce, outlining what employees can expect in return for their time, skills, and commitment. Think of it as the magnet that attracts and retains top talent, while also reflecting the company's values and culture.

If your company boasts incredible benefits and opportunities but isn't translating them into an EVP, you're missing out big time. Think of an EVP as your secret weapon—a guide that helps you attract and keep talent based on the real perks of working for your company.

What's the difference between EVP and employer brand? Employer brand turns your EVP into an appealing external message, sometimes causing the terms to be used interchangeably. Think of EVP as the commitment to employees, while the employer brand is how you showcase your values, business approach, and work environment to the world. You can use your EVP to inform your employer branding and show the world what you've got and win over top talent.

Benefits of a strong EVP:

Talent Attraction: In a competitive job market, EVP can be the distinctive factor that draws candidates to your organisation. According to studies by LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an organisation's reputation and employer brand before even applying.

Employee Engagement: A strong EVP nurtures a sense of belonging and purpose among employees, leading to increased engagement levels. Research by Gallup reveals that engaged employees are 21% more productive and 87% less likely to leave.

Retention Power: When employees feel valued and connected, they are more likely to stay loyal to the company. A study by Glassdoor found that organisations with a robust EVP experience 22% lower turnover rates.

Cultural Harmony: EVP aligns the expectations of employees with the company's culture and values. When there's a match, employees tend to be happier, creating a positive work environment.

Financial Benefits: According to a study by Harvard Business Review, organisations with a robust EVP can reduce compensation premiums by up to 50%, as employees are attracted to more than just salary.

Sounds great right?, so how do you leverage the EVP?

Here's some example of how you can use your EVP:

Recruitment Messaging: Incorporate your EVP into job descriptions, recruitment advertisements, and career pages. Highlight the unique benefits and culture your organisation offers to attract the right candidates.

Interviews and Onboarding: During interviews, discuss how your EVP aligns with the candidate's aspirations. Use it to set expectations and excite potential hires. Once hired, ensure the onboarding process reflects the promised EVP.

Employer Branding: Showcase your EVP on your company's website, social media, and marketing materials. Consistent branding reinforces the positive image you're presenting to potential candidates.

Employee Engagement: Continuously communicate your EVP to employees through internal channels. Regularly remind them of the benefits and opportunities they can access within the organisation.

Market Differentiation: Highlight your EVP in comparison to competitors to demonstrate why your organisation is the preferred choice for talent.

An effective EVP not only attracts talent but also ensures promises are upheld throughout the employee journey. It's a dynamic tool that strengthens your employer brand, improves employee satisfaction, and fuels company growth. Central to this success is clear and strategic communication. By conveying your EVP's value and actively involving employees, you drive your organisation towards success in talent attraction and retention.

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